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Angeleno Magazine

Catching Up With
Chef Ronnie Woo

One of L.A.’s hottest private chefs
talks family, fitness, and what he’s
cooking up next.

Lots of people in L.A. claim to be busy, but for Chef Ronnie Woo being busy truly is an understatement. Between his successful private chef business, celebrity clientele and various upcoming projects, Chef Ronnie operates at full speed 24/7. We recently caught up with the chef to talk about his inspiration, The Delicious Cook, and how he manages to stay in such great shape as a full-time chef and food fanatic.

What made you want to become a chef? I grew up in a family of total foodies. My dad planned trips around the world based on the food culture and my mom was literally cooking up a storm every day!  I just love food so it completely made sense for me to make a career out of it.

What is your cooking style? I call it “California comfort with a foodie twist”. I’m all about full flavors using fresh, wholesome ingredients while still letting my personal and travel experiences shape every dish that I create. Whether I’m cooking in my own kitchen or for a private dinner party, it really is a winning combination.

What can I expect if you’re cooking in my kitchen? A delicious meal of course! (laughs) My private chef company, The Delicious Cook, is all about customized menus so you get exactly what you want. In addition, my staff and I are really fun and professional. The experience is totally hassle-free, enjoyable, and super delectable.

What is something about you that might surprise people? I’m really into health and fitness. I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in living in moderation. Enjoy your guilty pleasures, but eat your greens and exercise too. I mean, I’m at the gym at least a couple minutes a day! (laughs)

What’s next for you? I just started writing my first cookbook. It’s going to be fun, fresh and different from anything you’ve seen before. So stay tuned!

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